Hula Dance Classes

FALL SESSION: September 30 - December 18

Men, Women, and Kids Hula Classes starts September 30 / October 2


KANE HULA (Men) Papa Laua'e
4:00 — 5:20 pm
For new & returning students. Beginners welcome.
Starts 9/30/19

KUPUNA (Women 55+)
Papa 'Ekaha
, 5:30 — 7:00 pm
Open to kupuna wahine age 55 or older with 3 or more years of hula and with Kumu's permission.
Starts 9/30/19

BEGINNER (Women) Papa Pala'a
5:00 — 6:20 pm
Open to new students, beginners & those who wish to learn hula at a more relaxed pace. Adult and Youth ages 12 and older. Drop-ins welcome.
Starts 10/2/19

Papa Palapalai, 6:30 — 8:00 pm
Open to makuahine with 3 or more years of hula and with Kumu's permission.
Starts 10/2/19

KEIKI (kids age 4-8) Papa Kupukupu
4:00 — 4:50 pm

Lessons include hula steps and hand motions, hula dances, Hawaiian word-play and sing-along.
Starts 10/2/19

Studio Z
280 E. Hersey St. #1
Studio Z
280 E. Hersey St. #1
Studio Z
280 E. Hersey St. #1

All adult class are taught by Kumu Andrea. Keiki class instructor is kumu kokua Andree Thompson.

Class Tuition:

Keiki: $10 per class. Tuition due on the 1st class of the month (pre-pay for the month based on the number of classes).*

Beginner: $15 per class drop-in (weekly rate); $13.75 per class if you pre-pay for the month ($55/month in a 4-week month); $12.50 per class if you pre-pay for the entire session.*

Kupuna, Intermediate, and Kane: $55 per month (pro-rated based on number of classes per month). For those that can’t pay in advance, drop-in rate is $15 per class.*

* Halau Policy: No credits or refunds for missed classes with pre-payments. If you know you will miss a class in advance, you do not have to pay for it.

* Scholarships and a limited number of partial trades available. No one turned away due to inability to pay. Just ask Kumu.

What students say...

Hula Class

"Thank you so much for the lovely Hula workshop. I enjoyed it so much. I love hula, the spirit of aloha you encompass, and your deep knowledge of the history and culture. You are a gifted teacher! Thank you so much for that class. It filled my heart with love." ~ Bethany King

"I have such joy in my heart about hula. Thank you for being such a beautiful, kind, and powerful role model and kumu." ~ Michelle West

" I am thankful for all the good you bring into this world, creating community, perpetuating culture, preserving history, opening minds, strengthening bodies and connecting hearts." ~ Tia McLean

"Many thanks for all you're doing to expand cultural horizons in the Rogue Valley." ~ Val Rogers, Executive Director, Rogue World Music

"I am so thankful and greatful to be part of your halau and to have such a loving kumu. Thank you for making my first halau experience a great one!" ~ Andree Hua

"A thousand thanks for bringing the joy of Hula into my heart, body, soul and home. It is a profound joy that, like water, flows into every part of being human, seeking to be shared and known." ~ Anna Spellman

"We are glad and grateful that we have been allowed to follow you on your journey for a small part. The inspiration, the energy and joy you have displayed and spread have affected us deeply, and come back to us each time we think of you even in far away countries. We thank you for that." ~ Deb & Matt Sanborn

"I want to thank you for embracing me in this beautiful path, for holding space and creating a family. I feel really blessed to be surrounded by beautiful wahine and all your wisdom and kindness carry me around when needed." ~ Aleyda Mark

“Thank you so much for hearing the call and stepping up to serve.  You model so well the ability to listen to spiritual guidance and act upon it for the greater good.  It has been so great learning from you and sharing the great mystic mana of aloha.  You are one of my favorite people on the planet; my admiration and respect is boundless.” ~ Scott McGuire

“Thank you for all that you are and do to make life a memorable journey.”

~ Auntie Leilani, President, Lokahi Foundation

"Thank you for being my teacher and for bringing the absolute best of yourself into every moment."

~ Valerie Niestrath

"Every day I strive to be a better person in a challenging world. Hula helps guide me to light." ~ Lisa Bailey

Your supportive teaching approach is a pleasure… thanks for all you do to bring hula to the Valley." ~ Patty Richards

“You are a wonderful teacher. I appreciate that you give an oral history, model and take things slow. You make all of your students feel comfortable and safe. Thank you for all that you do.” ~ Tia McLean

“So many thanks for me being a part of such a special group of such fine strong women. I am blessed to have you all. Being a part of this group is one of the highlights of my life.” ~ Catherine Rowe

“Thanks so much for all your effort and leadership to establish this wonderful hula school.” ~ Phil Gahr

Nancy"What a gift YOU have given me with your teachings of hula... the dance... the chants... the way it connects us to nature and our ancestors. You are a talented kumu and have expanded me in so many ways." ~ Kim Olson

“I'm very grateful to be apart of our group as a whole and love it when we're all dancing together. As I've mentioned before it has so many different dimensions to it...physical, social and spiritual which is why it's so great! The work you are doing and the work that we collectively are doing is, as I know you know, bigger than we can now know. What a blessing it is!”

~ Tom Houston

“Thank you so much for such an incredible experience of dancing in the 4th of July parade. I have never in my life, been drenched with such hula spirituality! I felt the spirit of hula today, like no other… what a rich experience! I am hooked!”

~ Beth Neufield

“We have such a great, loving halau. Being part of it has changed my life for the better in so many ways and I hope I can give back as much as I've received. Thanks so much for just being here and doing what you do.”

~ Leoni Lanzas

“I am so enjoying class and the spiritual connection with the cultural that you present through hula.”

~ Kim Marie Murphy

“Hula is such a part of my life. The gifts I have received from you are priceless.” ~ Val Butler

“I could not possibly imagine feeling more supported and understood by a teacher, than I do by you.”
~ Scott Daniel

"Mahalo for your gentle spirit and supportive teaching.”

~ Laurel Bloombaum

“I really appreciate being able to study with you. You are a wonderful kumu. Your spirituality plus your compassionate and impeccable talents as a teacher are a breath of fresh air.”  ~ Sierra Faith

"Thank you for your gentle leadership, your steady voice, the depth you bring to the song and the skill you have in teaching not only the mechanics but the meaning.  I feel every move you make is with aloha, and it touches us all." ~ Erin O'Kelley Muck

"You have brought such great gifts to me week after week - I have never had a class that has disappointed or failed to inspire me." ~ Mike Bianca

"The time with Kumu Raylene, her family and your halau were truly a gift!  I felt as though I had found ‘ohana.  Mahalo for being a presence of the Aloha Spirit here in Southern Oregon."  ~ Helen Downey