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2010 Events


Winter Ho'ike 2010Winter Ho'ike: A Hula & Hawaiian Music Offering of Aloha ~ Dec. 11, 6:30 - 8 pm
Unitarian Church, 87 4th St. in Ashland

Ka Pi'o O Ke Ānuenue presented its annual Winter Hula Ho'ike with musicians from Hawaiian band Ha'ena. Students shared hula kahiko (ancient style) and hula 'auana (modern style) dances they had been learning during the Fall class session. This ho'ike our dances included the use of several implements, including 'ili'ili (stones played like castanets), 'uli'uli (feathered gourd rattles) and ipu (gourds played for percussion).


Festival of Lights 2010Festival of Lights ~ Nov. 26

Our kane, keiki and wahine brought a little holiday hula cheer to this festive community event.

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service ~ Nov. 25

The theme this year at this heart-centered community event was "There's no place like Home". Representing the hula tradition, we danced to Kipahulu, in honor of the old ways of Hawai'i and the traditional ahupua'a system of land stewardship (visit Kipahulu 'Ohana for more information).



Ipu Heke 'Ole WorkshopIpu Heke 'Ole Workshop ~ Oct. 16

We gathered on a gorgeous Fall day in N. Mountain Park, where we were learned how to select, clean and create hula implements made from gourds that were grown and harvested in California. Our group of over 30 haumana met in the "Native American Display" area, surrounded by traditional structures and native plants, with beautiful Bear Creek flowing close by, providing a sacred place for the cleansing kapu kai ritual along with the washing water for our gourds. This inspiring workshop was facilitated by Marc Paisin... mahalo Marc for so humbly and generously sharing your knowledge with us! View the photos.


Hula in Ashland Oregon's 4th of July Parade


Ashland's 4th of July Parade

Ka Pi'o O Ke Ānuenue and awesome Ashland-based Hawaiian band Ha'ena hit Main Street full force to celebrate at Ashland's Old-Fashioned Fourth of July parade! For the second year in a row, we won first place! The judges got to see us with a fully-operational generator, however Main Street got a quieter version because our generator blew at the beginning of the parade. So Ha'ena sang their hearts out and played their acousitic instruments as loud as possible, keeping the dancers on queue for our first parade without a sound system. It was a parade for the record books!


Kumu Hula Raylene Ha`alelea Kawaiae'aJune

Hula and Ho'oponopono Workshops

Kumu Hula Raylene Ha'alelea Kawaiae'a

Kumu Hula Raylene from the Big Island visited in June with her son Ikaika and offered intensive Hula Kahiko and Hula 'Auana workshops as well as a special Ho‘oponopono session (Hawaiian Spiritual Healing Practice). All events were held at the Jackson Wellsprings from June 18 - 20th.

Our deepest gratitude to Kumu Hula Raylene Ha'alelea Kawaiae'a for her endless depth, love, grace, kindness, knowledge, and willingness to show the path of Aloha by living it to its fullest extent. We are blessed beyond words to have the gift of your visit.

~ Ka Pi'o O Ke Ānuenue



Spring Ho'ike: A Hula & Hawaiian Music Offering of Aloha ~ May 21Spring Ho'ike: A Hula & Hawaiian Music Offering of Aloha ~ May 21

Ka Pi'o O Ke Ānuenue presented its Spring Hula Ho'ike with musicians from Hawaiian band Ha'ena. Students shared hula kahiko (ancient style) and hula 'auana (modern style) dances they have been learning this year. Included were Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u, which the intermediate class was honored to first debut at Hapa's Ashland concert in March, as well as Haleakala, our hui's 2010 4th of July parade dance, which all classes (approximately 60 students!) danced as the finale.  View the photos.



An Evening with Hapa ~ March 31An Evening with Hapa ~ March 31

Ka Pi'o O Ke Ānuenue haumana were honored to dance Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u with Hawaiian super-group Hapa at their Ashland concert.  The event raised money for the Ashland School’s Foundation.  Andrea also danced Lei Pikake to Nathan’s transcendent singing.  View the videos.

Na'auao Hawai'i ~ Hawaiian Wisdom ~ March 9

Dr. Maka'ala Yates offered a class in the following topics: evolutionary changes of the Hawaiian people, Kumukahi concepts of positive outcomes, Kanawai - state of being; way of life, and Hawaiian internal cleansing.

Photo by nature photographer Robert Frutos. Click to visit his web site Heart of Nature.