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Hula Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, a kāne or wahine, Hālau Hula Ka Pi’o O Ke Ānuenue will help you develop as a dancer and take your hula journey to the next level.


Our classes impart the skills of hula with an appreciation for the cultural values of Hawai’i. In learning hula kahiko (ancient style), hula ‘auana (modern style), and oli (Hawaiian chant), our students learn about the history, legends, spirituality, language, and land of Hawaiʻi.


Our Kumu creates a warm and welcoming environment for students that is inspiring, educational, and uplifting. Kumu Andrea’s teaching style is supportive and encouraging, and accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and movement abilities. Our classes and students are also supported by our alakaʻi (teaching assistants) Lisa Bailey and Tia McLean.


We structure classes according to level, age, and other factors, depending on the season and hālau focus. Read the description of our classes below or see the Class Schedule page for more info on our current offerings.

Community Hula

Community Hula provides an opportunity for all our haumana to dance together, regardless of level or years of experience or age. Brand new beginners, as well as kane, wahine, and opio (youth 12+) are welcome to attend. Classes include the same elements as Papa Pala'a, described below.

Beginner Wahine (Women) ~ Papa Palaʻa

This mixed-level beginner class is for brand new students, beginners, and those who want to learn hula at a more relaxed pace, with ample repetition to reinforce skills and retention. Our students gain a strong foundation in hula basics, including steps, hula dances appropriate to this level in both kahiko and 'auana styles, and an introduction to oli (Hawaiian chant).

Keiki (Kids ages 4 to 8) ~ Papa Kupukupu

In a fun and supportive environment, our keiki students learn basic hula steps and hand motions, how to coordinate the movements of the hands and feet, rhythm and musicality, the art of storytelling through hula dances, and Hawaiian songs and words.  Our keiki also learn about the spirit of aloha... friendliness, kindness, and care for one another.

Kane (Men) ~ Papa Lauaʻe

With roots in Hawaiian martial arts, kane hula is a powerful and dynamic movement practice. For any kane considering trying hula, we offer this ʻolelo noʻeau: ʻAʻa i ka hula, waiho ka hilahila i ka hale... Dare to dance, leave your shyness at home! This class is open to beginners through experienced students.

Kupuna Wahine (Women 55+) Intermediate ~ Papa ʻEkaha

Open to kupuna wahine age 55 or older with 3 or more years of hula experience and with Kumu's permission or invitation. Our gracious ladies continue to learn the same core curriculum as other classes, including oli, hula kāhiko, and hula 'auana.

Intermediate Wahine ~ Papa Palapalai

Open to makuahine with 3 or more years of hula experience and with Kumu's permission or invitation. Our core curriculum is the same as other classes, including oli, hula kāhiko, and hula 'auana, with an opportunity for more vigorous hulas and haki kino, as well as an introduction to hula protocol.

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